Robert Hood - Clocks

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  • Many still refer to Robert Hood as a "minimal techno" producer, but there's nothing minimal about his latest EP. Clocks is unrelenting, the kind of music that fuels raves with big drops and white noise. Hood's tracks have been moving further into this zone for a while, in the process losing some of his music's charm. In some cases, like with many Floorplan tunes, this bang-at-all-costs approach feels fresh, as there's something far more pleasurable about a well-chosen gospel vocal than the white noise blasts that smother the recent productions under Hood's own name. But that's not the case on Clocks, which might be the least original EP he's ever released. It's not all bad, though, as each track has a flash of classic Hood character. The bleeps bubbling underneath "Go" add a smooth cosmic touch, while the organ-style melody on "Low Life" recalls the best parts of '90s techno. But those moments are not enough to save the record, which sacrifices nuance for functionality. Hood's best tracks show that it's possible to have both.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Low Life A2 Go B1 Clocks