Matt Tolfrey - Americas

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  • I can't resist a catchy bassline, which helps explain why I still find plenty to love about Hot Creations. It's a label some people gave up on a while ago, but for anyone who did: you shouldn't have. For every predictable acid track there's a lean banger, and Matt Tolfrey's first EP for Jamie Jones's outlet packs two of them. Among the slickest tracks Hot Creations has ever put out, "Americas" and "Regain The Past" catch Tolfrey in solid form, delivering two house tools with plenty of spark. The more minimal "Regain The Past" is the highlight. Its sound isn't far from the sparse and loopy aesthetic of, say, the German label raum...musik, and it's easy to imagine many DJs in that world giving it a spin. A rhythmic bassline zig-zags underneath stuttering vocals, the energy growing as the percussion and chorus of bleeps build. "Americas," which Tolfrey says was inspired by his residency at Bar Americas in Guadalajara, Mexico, is more frantic, with a looped vocal destined to boggle the minds of any ravers who hear it there. Both of these tunes kick at around 130 BPM, making them quicker than most of the Hot Creations catalogue. A few more records like this could put it back into the crates of the DJs who moved on from its sound.
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      A Americas B Regain The Past