Bicep - Rain

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  • "Rain," the latest bomb from Bicep's debut LP to be released as a single, samples the 1976 song "Husn Hazir Hai" by Lata Mangeshkar, one of India's most revered playback singers. (Her vocals also appear on the album track "Spring.") The EP also includes "Helix," a new track that was released as the B-side to Four Tet's recent remix of "Opal." "Helix" sounds totally of a piece with the album, albeit deeper and more restrained than hits like "Aura," "Rain" and "Glue." It isn't as catchy or festival-ready as those tracks—the twinkly melody skips rather than soars—but the trancey chords and slow-burning crescendo still give it that uplifting tinge, a quality that's come to characterise the duo's sound. Fans will lap it up.
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      01. Rain (Edit) 02. Rain 03. Helix