Carl Craig - Versus Remixes

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  • The French label InFiné Music says it commissioned Versus, an album that reinterpreted 14 Carl Craig hits through an orchestra, as a ten-year anniversary present to itself. For the 11th anniversary one year later, the outlet enlists four remixers to reinterpret tracks from that experiment, calling upon artists with different cinematic sounds of their own. Henrik Schwarz, who remixes "The Melody," should have been first on InFiné's list. The German producer has been blending house with classical for years, and his veteran touch shows. His remix, which is relatively minimal, is the EP's best, finding a touching balance between groove and instrumentation. His sparing use of orchestral string samples means the rolling bassline stays upfront, never overburdened by the graceful melodies above. Antigone and Benedikt Frey are more ambitious with their respective remixes of "At Les" and "Domina." Antigone lays down one of the brightest tracks of his career, whipping strings, horns and a rumbling bassline into a beam of positive energy. Benedikt Frey's rework is EP's moodiest, shuffling with blasts of jagged synths and a paranoid atmosphere. DJs who prefer their tunes light on melody should cue up Tom Trago's stomping house remix, which turns the soaring original into a gritty late-night weapon. Blending house music with classical is tough to get right, so it's great to hear an EP nail this tricky formula.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Melody (Henrik Schwarz Remix) A2 Domina (Benedikt Frey The Game Remix) B1 At Les (Antigone Remix) B2 The Melody (Tom Trago Remix)