BNJMN - Final Network EP

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  • BNJMN's foggy sound stretches back to his first releases for Rush Hour in 2010 and 2011. The calming sound of static and tape hiss often envelopes his beats, which have steadily grown in intensity over the years, building from lush deep house to full-blown techno. And while some leaner tracks have been without the scuzzy, dreamlike aesthetic of "Keep The Power Out," a track from his 2011 Black Square album that was once a favourite of Roman Flügel, most tend to have the same soothing charm. The Final Network EP blends that atmospheric sound with pumping rhythms, which makes it a solid option for DJs techno with a taste for sensitive sounds. "Final Network" sounds like it should have been on Efdemin's excellent deep techno mix Naïf from last month. Deep and hazy with a rolling groove, it sits somewhere between Voices From The Lake and Actress. Along with the leaner but similarly bleepy "Reticuli," it's one of two solid club tracks on the EP, which pack more rhythmic punch than the other selections. "Neurocity" and "Cloaked" have the same four-on-the-floor chug but the kicks sit deeper in the mix, keeping time while swirls of synth and static create a cosy mood. It's a mood BNJMN perfected years ago, and Final Network captures it as well as ever.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Reticuli A2 Neurocity B1 Cloaked B2 Final Network