Basement Jaxx - Good Luck (Butch Remix)

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  • When Dixon dropped Butch's remix of Basement Jaxx's "Good Luck" at an Innervisions party in Paris last month, it wasn't immediately clear what he was playing. For its first minute, the track is just a monosyllabic, stuttered vocal loop, and it's only when the guitar kicks in that you realise you know that riff. Then Lisa Kekaula's smoky vocal cuts through the mix singing, "Tell me, tell me," and you recognise the unmistakable sound of "Good Luck"—but not like you've heard it before. Butch's remix is the curveball DJs will want in their arsenal this summer. (Alongside Dixon, Ricardo Villalobos was another early fan.) Played after some instrumental house or techno, it's certain to energise dance floors. Butch preserves the best parts of the original—Kekaula's vocal and that riff—but adds the stuttered loop, oddly plinking keys and some hi-hats. It's just weird enough to catch you off guard, a nostalgic pleasure bomb with a tantalising new edge. The original track is harder to hear in the dub version, with layers of woozy, treated vocal loops and a springy bassline. The largely instrumental "Butch Drum Tool" is more energetic, built on gently pummeling percussion and rattling synths.
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      A1 Good Luck feat. Lisa Kekaula (Butch Remix) A2 Good Luck feat. Lisa Kekaula (Butch Dub) B1 Good Luck feat. Lisa Kekaula (Butch Drum Tool)