Daniel Avery - Projector EP

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  • Daniel Avery's second album, Song For Alpha, saw him turn away from the imposing melodies and acid synths of his debut LP, Drone Logic. The Projector EP further explores ambient techno. Built around glowing chords and gentle percussion, the title track, a highlight from Song For Alpha, is a nice track to sink into the couch to, more befitting a breather than the dance floor. Layers of snares add texture, if not movement, to a pretty haze to get lost in. In the beginning, "Shadow Mountain"'s fuzzy sound is more suggestive of the seaside. But a glitchy synth disturbs the peace, the drums kick in, and bam, it's a club track, lifted by euphoric keys halfway through. On "Glass" the vocal sample is more like a synth—sharp gusts of breath cut through melancholy chords as drums pulse underfoot—while "REHBGBV4367" closes the EP with a blissed-out, beat-free trip that seems to slow down and expand as it's submerged under water. Avery has spoken about how his love of psychedelic music extends to both the obliterating effects of techno and the mind-expanding qualities of ambient music. On this EP, as he did on Song For Alpha, he's managed a delicate, compelling fusion of both.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Projector A2 Shadow Mountain B1 Glass B2 REHBGBV4367