Róisín Murphy - All My Dreams / Innocence

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  • Róisín Murphy has always had a close relationship with dance music. She's collaborated with the likes of Matthew Herbert, sang on dance floor smashes, and made pop records with house and disco in their DNA. But she sounds particualrly down with the dance floor on "All My Dreams" and "Innocence," the first two tracks in a new series of EPs produced by Maurice Fulton. In Fulton, who first remixed her back in 2015, Murphy has found a great match. Murphy pares down her brilliant songwriting into simple phrases and brief blooms of melody. There's a palpable sense of fun to "All My Dreams," with a wah-wah-style bassline and precocious drum fills swimming in reverb. "Ridiculously sexy," Murphy carefully enunciates. The track grows and grows, ratcheting up the tension without ever reaching a climax. Chants of "suicide, suicide" add a sinister, and confusing, edge. "Innocence" is more barebones, with Murphy essentially just repeating the title as Fulton goes nuts with the music. Murphy's presence is so strong that even a few breathy phrases can turn a funky jam into a firecracker.
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      A All My Dreams B Innocence