upsammy - Words R Inert

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  • There's a blossoming community of Dutch artists bringing a fresh perspective on leftfield dance music. upsammy is one of them. She makes mystical electro and experimental music from her Utrecht base. Following an EP on Nous'klaer Audio, she lands on Oliver Hafenbauer's Die Orakel with Words R Inert. It has the production quirks that made Another Place so compelling, layering twinkling, fairytale melodies and curling synths over brisk drum machine snaps and punchy bass. There's a magical feel to the EP, which has palpitating bass and flickering hi-hats offset by enchanting notes. This is clearest on the title track, where laser zaps and slinking high-pitched samples put a glittery gaze over minimal percussion and robotic voice snippets. It recalls those early hours of a party when people slowly filter in and smoke plumes gradually fill the club. "Wednesday Morning" combines an uplifting melody with bursts of gurgling 303. Along with "Dancing Faries," it captures the hours when morning sunlight streams through a club's windows while a small group of committed dancers stay locked into a set. upsammy's music beautifully reflects these different stages of a night. Her knack for combining both functional and weird sounds with a sense of emotion makes her one dance music's most exciting new producers.
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      A1 Dancing Faries A2 Wednesday Morning B1 Words R Inert