Cezar Lazăr - Archetypes

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  • If recent EPs from Vinyl Speed Adjust and Mihigh represent the wormhole techno side of the Romanian sound, Cezar Lazăr's latest is the light at the end of the tunnel. While the productions have an introspective edge, the bow-legged grooves are for everyone. The hues are a smudged deep blue, suggesting closed eyes and bowed heads on the dance floor, but the overall feel is light and airy. There are oodles of textures spooling out atop the Melchior-school rhythms, each track a microcosmic hive of activity. The structures develop with the slow, easy moves of a studio take. There are no sudden changes of arrangement or dynamic changes to throw off the flow. The moods are vague, ranging from curious and gently playful ("Equtime") to drugged-out and softly euphoric ("Wedmar"). "Boe Dark" is the wonkiest on offer. Its central synth motif has the bent angles and morphing timbres of a simplified Autechre patch, making a strong pairing with the simple but deadly drums. If you're in the zone, each tune is deeply enveloping without being demanding. And the basslines, as usual with the Romanians, are unbeatable. Whether using a regular 808 tom ("Badgervox") or a meatier tone ("Thicken Court"), they weave and bounce perfectly. The only remotely flat-footed groove is "Wedmar," but it's also the most assertive track of the bunch. A surprisingly ravey organ riff percolates through a screen of hiss, stretching out the build for a seemingly endless amount of time. It gestures towards great heights but it's gentle touch keeps us locked in a dream, unsure of our surroundings but at ease with the world.
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      A1 Equtime B1 Badgervox C1 Thicken Court C2 Boe Dark D1 Wedmar