rRoxymore - Thoughts Of An Introvert Pt. 2

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  • "I don't feel techno at all," rRoxymore recently told Complex, "especially nowadays where techno is so restrictive. If it was techno from 1992, then sure, I would be techno then." Bright and melodic with a touch of weird, her tracks can evoke the genre's early years. Her high-pitched bleeps, which wobble like sonar transmissions, are striking, and they sound even more thrilling on her latest record. Thoughts Of An Introvert Pt. 2 is painted with technicolour signals. High-pitched synths are melded into the sound of plastic being shaken, then turned into shape-shifting tracks with hints of EBM, trance, pop and techno. "Mythical Technology" is one of rRoxymore's best tunes so far, pairing squiggly melodic strands with vigorous bass that will shake dance floors. The EPs predecessor, Thoughts Of An Introvert Pt. 1, brought up feelings of doom and paranoia, but Pt. 2 has a lighter spirit. Though some ominous undercurrents remain, you can feel the joy in, say, "Run... Feet," and the charming organ that sprints through the track.
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      01. This Is Not What You Think 02. Run... Feet 03. Mythical Technology