Krystal Klear ‎- The Division

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  • The Division sees Krystal Klear nail the art of the goofy banger. He does it best on "Neutron Dance," an impossibly cheery nu-disco track that might be 2018's "Inspector Norse." Big, sunny and loud, it's less subtle than Todd Terje's 2012 smash, thanks to a few massive breakdowns and an ample dose of white noise. But it's just as powerful, reaching for the sky with a barrage of earworm melodies that, against all odds, fall into place. From the new wave bassline to the seesawing lead synth and the heavenly vocal, there are too many melodic elements to count, fizzing and soaring atop a stomping house beat. Few tracks strike a balance between musicality and simple fun this well, so love it or loathe it, "Neutron Dance" will be one of the tracks of the summer. The rest of the EP is more nuanced. "Division Ave" drops the tempo to a romantic 112 BPM, moving through dreamy chords and riffs that could have come from an Italo track. "Shockzoid," a frantic roller, targets your head with a churning low-end and a surprising trumpet-style synth, bubbling with dizzying energy and a propulsive drive. At almost ten minutes long, it recalls the extended cosmic freakouts Ricardo Villalobos drops in high-energy situations, so don't be afraid to play the whole thing. The housiest moment arrives with "Moonshake Miner"'s piano riff, which rubs against more intergalactic synths, hand drums and a rhythmic bassline. It's another euphoric moment on an EP that sounds like the year's biggest—and its goofiest.
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      A1 Neutron Dance A2 Division Ave B1 Shockzoid B2 Moonshake Miner