Kwes - Songs For Midi

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  • The [o=o]. logo on Kwes's records looks different on Songs For Midi. Instead of the sharp lines of computer-generated symbols, it has a wonkier form. The music mirrors that visual transformation. The same elements from early Kwes records are here, but they are more vivid than ever. An ode to his two year-old niece, Midi, who helped design the cover, Songs For Midi recalls the themes of childhood of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's The Kid. Featuring the whirring sound of a bike chain wrapping around your ears, "Trike" lives up to its name. The nostalgic sample transports you back to moment you first put your feet onto the pedals of a bike. The faint lullaby chimes twinkling through "Ungry/Milk" might convey lightness and joy, but they are backed up by more unsettling tones hinting at youth's more difficult moments. These hyperreal textures play a central part in Songs For Midi, which can take on a physical quality. The high-pitched bleeps and frequencies add to this, bouncing in a way that could make your stomach lurch. The physicality of this EP shows how Kwes's music can make distant memories feel real.
  • Tracklist
      01. Midori 02. Trike 03. Ungry/Milk 04. 99flake 05. Hometime 06. Blox/Connor