Peggy Gou - Travelling Without Arriving

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  • In the past couple of years, Peggy Gou has DJ'd in every corner of the world. So it feels apt that her next release comes with a picture of an aircraft. Following her excellent Once EP for Ninja Tune, "Travelling Without Arriving" is one of her earlier tracks, falling in line with the crunchy drums and swirling 303 of "Six O Six," released through Phonica White in 2016. Speaking to me earlier this year, Gou said, "I want the Peggy sound to be housey and acid." Travelling Without Arriving and her previous release for Phonica White have been true to this sound. The title track's percussion sounds like the mechanical strut of a robot, its metallic limbs moving with precision. But behind it, there's a twinkly heart with sparkly synths and 303 bursts whipping up whirlpools. It's one of Gou's more understated cuts but it has the same spellbinding groove that colours all her music. On his remix, Ge-ology takes the smouldering foundations of the original and turns it into a bumping house cut. The remix maintains Gou's energy but adds Ge-ology's own stamp with the jazzy keys that have appeared in his recent tunes.
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      A Travelling Without Arriving B Travelling Without Arriving (Ge-ology Nite Stealth Ninja Mix)