Acid Mondays - Universal Rhythm

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  • Discogs tells you that Dan Ward and Alex Wolfenden formed Acid Mondays "somewhere in the fifth dimension," but the reality is much closer to home: Ibiza. Still, the White Isle is a famously spiritual place, and the duo's latest EP, Universal Rhythm, is further proof that they love this kind of thing. The title track's spoken-word vocal delivers the kind of cosmic message—"the drum, the heartbeat of life," etc—that's so often cringeworthy but here it works, thanks to the vocalist's passion and down-to-earth London twang. It helps that the music is also good. Cowbells and a buttery groove pave the way for the main synth riff, a jazzy number that would light a match under DC-10, the Ibiza club that Acid Mondays call home. Catchy with a fiery zing, it's easily their biggest bomb yet. The Maghreban's remix all but ignores the vocal, crafting a softer, more patient take using fluttering percussion and lots of effects. If you want the original's oomph without the vocal, there's the instrumental version or the "Dub Mix," which pares the vocal back to a few powerful echoes. But it's better to just embrace your inner spirit and go with the original.
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      A1 Universal Rhythm B1 Universal Rhythm (The Maghreban Soul Remix) B2 Universal Rhythm (Dub Mix) Digital: Universal Rhythm (Instrumental)