Donato Dozzy - Mindless Fullness

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  • "There is good and bad trance," Donato Dozzy once told us. "A lot of people just connect the word 'trance' with bad productions, which I don't think is the right approach." The world has since caught up with Dozzy in reappraising the epic sound of the '90s. The Italian, meanwhile, never stopped throwing his meditative sound worlds into sharp relief with dazzling lightning bolts of sentimentality. Think the epic comedown melancholy of the opening track on K, or Bee Mask's blissfully proggy music, refracted through the Dozzy lens on 2013's Plays Bee Mask. Dozzy's last couple of years have been light on these moments, but "Cleo" makes up for it in stunning style. "Love at first listen" is how Marco Shuttle, who released Mindless Fullness through his Eerie label, described this record, and listeners may have a similar experience. Framed by a pillowy halftime groove, "Cleo" isn't exactly a dance floor shoe-in. But, ticking along above 140 BPM with 16th note arps supplying shimmering momentum, it produces a feeling of weightless drift, as if we're looking down on the techno dance floor from some serene higher vantage-point. The euphoria comes from the bass and lead lines, gorgeous glowing vapour trails that pass in subtly different configurations. "Mindless Fullness" retains the high tempo and crystal clarity, but swaps arcing melody for heads-down hypnotism. With "Cleo"'s afterglow still hanging in the air, its dancing bell-tones are all the more mesmerising.
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      A Cleo B Mindless Fullness