Jonny L - Piper (Remixes)

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  • How do you remix a classic when conventional wisdom says "don't bother"? As part of XL's reissue of Jonny L's classic drum & bass LP, Sawtooth, the label has given its most recognizable track, "Piper," over to a handful of UK producers. Each artist wisely reduces the 1997 tune down to its titultar vocal sample, building new tracks around it that highlight each artist's strengths and perspectives. Peverelist turns "Piper" into lopsided techno with a sideways stagger that recalls "Raw Code" and "End Point." It's essentially a Peverelist track built from someone else's sounds, which seven years after he launched Livity Sound is still gratifying. Powell's remix is even more broken, full of silences and gasping sounds, like the ultimate version of his 2015 track "Sylvester Stallone." Where Zomby goes full-on Where Were U In '92 by throwing swarms of breakbeats at the track, Overmono's remix is the most monstrous. An eight-minute slow-burn, their version morphs from pitter-patter to uplifting trance à la Orbital. It's almost as special as the original, which shows that when you get the right artists for the job, even fool's errands can turn out alright.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Piper (Peverelist Remix) A2 Piper (Overmono Remix) B1 Piper (Powell Remix) B2 Piper (Zomby Remix)