S.O.N.S - Shin-Okubo One Night Stand

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  • Four releases into his Tokyo series, the Seoul-based producer S.O.N.S has made his name applying a lo-fi gauze to styles like trance, breakbeat and downtempo. His identity remains unclear, but the aesthetic is charming, as is his humour. (He sells his records through a website called amazingporncatvideos.com.) Artwork and track titles place the music in the stylised world of sci-fi anime, evoking neon skies and choreographed fight sequences. Despite the promising setup, though, some blows on his new hour-long double EP fail to land. Though he draws from high-octane club music, S.O.N.S' work is often subdued, focusing mostly on atmosphere. The arpeggios that fizz through "The Dawn" gesture at a huge pay-off, but the structure is all foreplay, with no rhythm other than an occasional kick. On "Falling Apart," a breakbeat is pared down to a brisk skip, focusing attention on the eerie synth washes. Even the 303 barrage on "Lifetimes (Odyssey I Mix)" sounds more suited to astral projection than the dance floor. The focus on atmospherics sometimes strays into indulgence, and the marshy field recordings of "Drum 03" and the 17-minute "The Prophecy" outstay their welcome. The clarity of S.O.N.S' vision is still impressive, so watch for his next release as the project finally moves beyond Tokyo.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Dawn A2 Drum 03 feat. Dude F B1 Falling Apart B2 Lifetimes (Odyssey I Mix) C1 Oblivious Sun C2 Okubo (Tokyo Decadence Mix) D1 The Prophecy