Cinthie / The Willers Brothers - Control EP

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  • Chance meetings led Cinthie to book The Willers Brothers for her we_r house party in Berlin. They eventually started a label together under the same name, which is dedicated to the more stripped-back side of house. The Willers Brothers' debut release, which launched the label, showed they shared Cinthie's affinity for deep and pumping sounds. The Control EP channels that energy into a split release between the label's cofounders. Cinthie's "Control" has the deep and dubby atmosphere of Claro Intelecto. Slow and slinky, its foundations barely shift, but they will leave listeners in a state of deep hypnosis. The Willers Brothers' "Don't Slip" follows its lead with shiny, dubbed-out synth sequences skipping across the powerful throb of bass. Cinthie's "Palm Trees In Wedding" and The Willers Brothers' "Goes On And On" take a more colourful route. On these sunlit cuts, euphoric house vocals splay across the addictive step of UK garage.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cinthie - Control A2 Cinthie - Palm Trees In Wedding B1 The Willers Brothers - Goes On And On B2 The Willers Brothers - Don't Slip