Second Woman - Instant/Apart

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  • The unlikely pair forming Second Woman both have their own solo projects. One of them, Turk Dietrich, in the drone duo Belong, who just announced a reissue. The other, Josh Eustis, is undergoing a minor renaissance as Telefon Tel Aviv. They were brought together by their home city of New Orleans, an American gothic backdrop that reveals no reference points for their project, which feels heavily influenced by British IDM and German dub techno. As Second Woman, Dietrich and Eustis have never fully committed to the dance floor until now. They give into the beat on Instant/Apart, which follows an EP and two albums. Both "Instant II" and "Apart I" couple a driving four-on-the-floor beat with languid, narcotized haze. The latter's melody spirals and loops, while the former's flashes and glitters over a groovy bassline in a way that recalls peak-era Luomo. This club bliss-out is surrounded by the resonant IDM of "Instant I" and the emotive experimental track "Apart II". Instant/Apart keeps aesthetically consistent, especially in tone and texture, but it also displays a surprisingly broad range in mood and atmosphere.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Instant I A2 Instant II B1 Apart I B2 Apart II