Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)

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  • From expansive reworks that twist tunes into unrecognisable shapes to those that simply nip and tuck, remixes come in many forms. Four Tet's tweak of "Opal," a trancey tune from Bicep's debut album, is the safest high-profile remix we've heard for some time. Built around the kind of dreamy chords heard on labels like Kompakt and Afterlife, Four Tet's version makes an already upbeat tune more DJ-compatible, straightening the rhythm by beefing up the kick drum. It still won't be a simple track to beatmatch with, because there's no steady clap (let alone a kick drum) until 90 seconds in. From there, we move through a smattering of sounds straight out of Four Tet's sample folder. Crowd chatter, bells and hand drums float above a springy groove we've heard on plenty of his tunes before. It's still a fine cut that makes an otherwise delicate tune more versatile, but we have Bicep to thank for its best moments.
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      01. Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)