Mihigh - Roll Over

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  • Romanian house and techno is often about the disconnect between background and foreground, so a list of the spatial and textural treatments deployed by Mihigh in "Roll Over" would be long. Using smatterings of acoustic instruments and garbled speech, he subtly evokes the avant-garde. But when played on a system, the groove dominates your attention. The bulbous, monotone sub-bass creates a tunnelling, heads-down vibe that works nicely with recent Vinyl Speed Adjust gear. Peaks and troughs are barely perceptible, while the hook, if you can call it that, is an alien sound that wanders through different frequencies. Besides a fat groove and a drip feed of psychedelia, there's not a lot to grab on to, which might be exactly what you're after. Rhadoo supplies what initially seems like his most fun remix in some time. The bassline has a faint whiff of major key, which signals that good times are in the air. A decent dose of swing and classic hi-hat and clap sounds recall vintage Thomas Melchior. This combination has been done to death, but it doesn't get old in Rhadoo's hands. A soft, melancholic organ enters around halfway, which takes things in a more plaintive direction. It sits low in the mix for some time, only hitting its stride when fragile piano chords reinforce the harmony in the back third. On the one hand, it adds substance and emotional heft. On the other, the groove was already so good that it might not have been necessary. In any case, the cut is so long that DJs can go with either one.
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      A Roll Over B Roll Over (Rhadoo Remix)