Antemeridian - Ante Meridian

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  • Lori Napoleon, AKA Antenes, is an intriguing prospect for American techno. She may only be two EPs deep, but she's already unveiled a new project, Antemeridian, for The Bunker New York. The new moniker promises to showcase her "more melodic synthesizer compositions," where the idea of melody seems to revolve around discord and atonality. The Antemeridian project places a synthesizer in the foreground of each track, although the careful percussion and crackling textures or her past work are still here. "Tuesday AM" and "Mercurn" both feature Detroit-style outer-space synths. The former is funky, cavernous and dubbby, while the latter is tense and storming. "Lavender" is the real standout. It's easy to seek out a 4/4 beat amidst the frantic percussion and see-sawing melodic loops, but why bother when you can float along on the groove? Napoleon has a keen ear for meticulous details and sound design, no doubt aided by a talent for building her own synths out of unlikely gear, such as vintage switchboards and telecommunications devices. Ante Meridian also shows a subtle skill for arrangement and composition that will only flourish with time.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Tuesday AM B1 Mercurn B2 Lavender