Opuswerk - Forms Of Multiplicity

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  • Bipolar Disorder is a new label and event series based in Geneva. For its second release, Opuswerk (real name Hendrik Van Boetzelaer), a local mainstay and maker of heady analogue techno, delivers two original tracks backed with remixes from Antigone and Ed Davenport as Inland. Each artist shares a granular aesthetic that comes through on Forms of Multiplicity. Some of Van Boetzelaer's finest work is on DEMENT3D, where he teamed up with cofounder François X as Hiss:1292 for two EPs of visceral club music. He's also released a varied collection of solo tracks, ranging from the deep, dubby and uplifting sound of "Spare Matrix" for Krill Music to the more darkly gnarled "SU(n)" for Knotweed Records. But even at its grimmest, a warmer reprieve is never far away. "Extensum," which opens Forms of Multiplicity, is a great example. It begins oppressive and tunnelling before a warm pad floods the track, but the churning grind is the overpowering force in the end. Inland's version features twinkling details and a punchier thrust that will work better on the dance floor. Delicate and graceful, "Spatium" is a tingling dream-trip with hypnotic bells and bubbling details—the opposite of "Extensum." Antigone takes a tougher line, turning the dream into a neurotic episode that is also more functional than the original.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Extensum A2 Extensum (Inland Remix) B1 Spatium B2 Spatium (Antigone Remix)