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  • Recent EPs from artists like The Persuader and Losoul have seen Tardis push a deep and dubby sound suited to warm-up sets and afterhours. Trine, featuring three tracks produced in the '90s by the revered but little-known UK tech house artist Flow, puts the label back in the realm of peak-time DJs. The highlight is "Boy Girl Action," a ten-minute house bomb that occupies the full A-side. It's built around a monster bassline that would take over a room if played through the right soundsystem, pitching up and down as snappy percussion skips above. The mood is serious but the groove is strong, buoyed by twisted licks of synth and vocals calling out from deep within the mix. There's no breakdown and the energy stays high for the full ten minutes, making this a tune you could play from beginning to end if the placement is right. The two B-side tunes aim for different moods. "Trine" is introspective and vaguely positive, employing a bold bassline and shuffling drums. Its wailing female vocal, clipped from an unknown source, captures the sound of '90s rave, as do the cosmic pads that give the track a sentimental touch. An easygoing groove makes "I See You" the most versatile tune. There isn't a clear melody, so vocoder vocals and a ghostly whisper supply the colour, gliding atop yet another fat bassline. Already picked up by DJs like Ricardo Villalobos and Dorian Paic, it won't be long until Trine blows a hole in a dance floor near you.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Boy Girl Action B1 Trine B2 I See You