Binh - Eastern Bloc

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  • Cabaret's streak of fresh and intriguing minimal that stretches the genre's parameters continues in 2018. Its first record of the year, Eastern Bloc, comes from their regular collaborator Binh. His first two EPs on the label—Downtown and Buyout—played with a toolbox of vocal samples, with his use of Drake's voice on "Downtown" recalling Madteo's creepy reimagining of the Canadian rapper on "Rugrats Don't Techno For An Answer." Straying from vocals, Binh's latest record for Cabaret is more in line with his recent work for other labels. He focusses on a different set of production tools that contrast with the icy toughness of Downtown and Buyout. Where the eerie presence of space lent unnerving character to those records, Eastern Bloc fills the void with Binh's production quirks. A warmth permeates the EP, conveyed through radiant synths, springy basslines and the upbeat roll of Binh's bouncy kick drums. "Eastern Bloc" and "Revdone" beam down rays through shiny melodies, sounds of a minimal master showing his sunnier side.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Greenbuerger A2 Kinziger B1 Eastern Bloc B2 Revdone