Danny Howells - Jam Loops Volume 2 (Sexmachine)

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  • Danny Howells looks to prove that he is more then just one of the best DJ’s in the world with this release on Sex on Wax. His Jam Loops Volume 2 features his latest production, Sexmachine, and it is armed with a lovely remix from 16B on the b-side. First up though is the Original Mix of Sexmachine. Smooth chugging beats build the track in the first few minutes, and as the track progresses, nice smooth synth patterns make the track their own. The flow is very good, with the track maintaining a very good uplifting vibe for its entire duration thanks to the delicate synth patterns and upbeat drums. 16B adds his funky edge to the release on the flip, keeping the track upbeat with very smooth drums patterns, quite like the original mix. The trademark bouncy baseline of 16B is very strong, as are the original synths that give the track a very happy feel. The build to this production is just as strong as the original mix, with the baselines gaining in strength as the track progresses, mirroring the rise in level of the synth patterns. Very chunky work here from 16B that has plenty of Sex appeal (pun poorly intended!). Another strong release from a label intent on releasing quality chunky house music. Who can argue with that!