DJ Koze - Seeing Aliens

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  • DJ Koze might be the most adventurous big-room DJ out there, a trait also heard in his productions. There's no better recent example than "Seeing Aliens (Extended Breakthrough Listen)," the central track on his latest EP. With deranged squeals that sound like Stephan Bodzin's snake-charming Moog melodies heating in a microwave, it's a tune that could either clear the dance floor or elicit tears of joy. First there's the glitches, grating whirs and bleeps that would stop a party in its tracks as they overtake the room. They are paired with a kick drum that barely keeps pace as the mess of synths going haywire swamps the mix. But then a bright piano riff emerges through the bleepscape, sending sunshine beaming in as the glitches fade. It's a combination few artists would attempt, yet in Koze's hands it's magic. "Nein König Nein" is more conventional. A house track with the dusty feel of '90s hip-hop, it treads the warm terrain of Koze hits like "Track ID Anyone?" and "Blume Der Nacht." With strings, a shuffling beat and what sounds like a sitar, the seven-minute tune is a safer option for DJs, but it won't provoke the intense reactions the A-side will likely trigger. If the rest of Knock Knock, Koze's forthcoming album, is as strong as these two tracks, we may have another classic on our hands.
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      01. Seeing Aliens 02. Seeing Aliens (Extended Breakthrough Listen) 03. Nein König Nein