K15 - Sunbeams

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  • Kieron Ifill's K15 project has touched on various soulful genres over the years. He's as likely to churn out J Dilla-influenced hip-hop beats or jazzy improv as he is the lush house that he's best known for. Ifill's new 10-inch for Eglo, Sunbeams, represents a landmark point in his evolution, showing he now has the chops to make the jazzy broken beat that has influenced him all along. On "Sunbeams," which comes in just under four minutes, a sprightly Rhodes progression is anchored by tribal percussion that recalls Blaze Team's awesome "Who Can Luv U?" Ifill layers on bright synth solos and some convincing jazz comping while retaining the "Deep Burnt"-style atmosphere that has been the trademark of his house tracks. The mix of hand percussion and deft keyboard continues on "Starburst 3," which ups the tempo to almost 140 BPM and evokes Ifill's inspirations like Dego and Domu. Ifill also sounds more comfortable than ever behind the keys on "Esencia," achieving a Roy Ayers-style warmth and depth as he solos madly on the Rhodes. Producers like Ifill spend thousands of hours in the studio, sampling and deconstructing masterful recordings. It's beautiful when they develop the skills to make their own.
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      A1 Sunbeams A2 Esencia B1 Starburst 3