Jayda G / Alexa Dash - Diva Bitch

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  • Jayda G and DJ Fett Burger's Freakout Cult is a base for joyful house music from producers who are relatively new to the label's listeners. The lilting breeze of last year's Monroe Bumpa / 186 Halin' left people intrigued about Laylay, Jayda G's collaborator on the EP. Listeners should be as equally curious about her latest musical partner, Alexa Dash, who collaborates on Diva Bitch. Dash's power vocals featured on 2016's Jaydaisms, but she didn't give the proper introduction we get here: "Good evening, my name's Alexa Dash," she states with a deadpan voice on Diva Bitch's title track. The title version moves like someone strutting through a smoky bar. Dash's monologue on confidence and independence is paired with the jazzy flair of quiet bass notes and sultry piano. Written by her and Jayda, the lyrics are there to make dancers feel good as they step to the beat: "I'm all kinds of beautiful / Yes I shine." The "Jayda G Get Down On Ur Knees Mix" lit up Dekmantel during her Boiler Room set last year with its infectious hook, so it's great to see it get an official release. The "Acappella Version" invites DJs to create a new track of their own with Dash's husky voice.
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      A1 Diva Bitch B1 Diva Bitch (Jayda G Get Down On Ur Knees Mix) B2 Diva Bitch (Acappella Version)