Azimute ‎- The Secret

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  • For the first time in a while, Cocoon has enjoyed some prerelease hype. This is thanks to Cristi Cons' 11-minute remix that sits on the B-side of its latest release, Azimute's The Secret. As one half of SIT, Cons has produced his share of slinky club weapons, most involving catchy basslines and tumbling grooves. He brings his jazzy touch to a label more accustomed to big-room sounds. The remix racked up more than 30,000 plays on YouTube before its release, which can likely be put down to a few things: a killer bassline, multiple appearances at the last Sunwaves festival and plenty of club play by top-flight Romanian DJs. It's a fairly standard SIT-style roller but with the rare addition of vocals—in other words, the kind of minimal that gets people talking if played by the right DJs. The EP's other tracks aim for different moods. The original version of "The Secret" is the least original option, with white noise, reverb and what sounds like a triangle. Its piano-house-meets-tech-house sound gets grating as it builds towards the climax, which fails to find a sweet spot between seemingly incompatible elements. Quenum & Cesare Vs Disorder's remix is deeper, with a focus on bass. It builds from a stuttering pulse to a slick percussive banger, hitting the groove that the original couldn't. The Secret was a hit before it reached stores, so let's see if the impact matches the hype.
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      A1 The Secret A2 The Secret (Quenum & Cesare Vs Disorder Mix) B1 The Secret (Cristi Cons Remix)