Missing Channel ‎- Remix

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  • By remixing a classic track from Robert Hood and Claude Young, the German trio FJAAK have chosen an audacious way to reboot their label. Then again, "classic" is a relative term here. The Missing Channel project is a fine relic of early '90s techno, but it's far from Hood or Young's best-known work. Remastered and remixed here, "Onslaught" came out in 1991 as the first release on Hood's Hardwax label. It's a rave-up that collapses breakbeat hardcore with high-octane elements—hoovers, crowd noises and a rowdy energy—of American techno. But even in this remastered version, "Onslaught" shows its age by sounding muddy—it might stick out like a fly on a wedding cake if played sets today. That's what FJAAK's remix is for. The group add a fat kick drum then layer and loop other parts so the slamming breakbeat becomes bouncy. They craft a modern warehouse techno track with a vintage heart, which makes their version of "Onslaught" more compatible with contemporary dance floors.
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      A Onslaught (FJAAK Remix) B Onslaught (2018 Remaster)