Think Twice – Welcome To Your Future

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  • This next release on F Communications follows the very solid release by Alexkid. Unfortunately, Welcome To Your Future by Think Twice doesn’t quite set the standard set by previous releases. Well I don’t know what quite to say about the Extended Live Mix of Welcome To Your Future. It’s almost like a rock song gone wrong. I think it may be one of those records that you either love or hate, and I probably have to guess that almost 4 in 5 people will dislike it. The vocal’s sound somewhat amateurish, the beats are not too bad, the guitar riffs don’t do it for me though. Is this French Rock? Who knows? On the flip is The wannabe lost on the forbidden planet Mix of ITWFM, and thankfully this production saves an awful a-side ruining this release. Deep and dark, the beats are chunky and pounding. The vocals are thankfully, not as strong and awful as the a-side, and they really don’t do much or harm the track. Very neutral vocals except towards the end where they are a little cheesy, but thankfully the musical elements are good enough to not take notice of the vocals. Well as I said, if it wasn’t for the b-side, this release not even worth mentioning. The b-side, while not amazing, is good enough to make this a somewhat worthwhile listen, but for your own sake, please skip the a-side.