Stanislav Tolkachev - Blue Mood / Absolute Limit

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  • The increasingly prolific Ukrainian techno maverick Stanislav Tolkachev starts the new year with another welcome blast from the past. After a repress of the 2011 two-tracker Why Are You So Frightened on Rivet's reactivated Pohjola label last fall, the classic "Blue Mood" gets new life on a 10-inch slab of clear wax issued by Irakli's new Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound. Tolkachev recorded "Blue Mood" in 2003 and saw it released five years later on the short-lived—and underrated—Aftertaste Recordings. Like much of his work it has a certain timeless quality, thanks to a minimalist approach that remains stark even by Tolkachev's standards. This is captivating electronic music, a propulsive soundscape where a syncopated, atonal machine riff is coupled with acidic modulations and spatial effects. "Absolute Limit" is a new and more straightforward 4/4-oriented cut. It's a boogie in Tolkachev's usual on-edge fashion, with buzzing textures and tense, bleeping melodies. But it comes across as too restrained for its own good, so it doesn't reach nearly the same heights as the distinctly powerful "Blue Mood."
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      A Blue Mood B Absolute Limit