Amp Fiddler - Dreamin'

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  • The latest single released lifted from Amp Fiddler's stunning debut album, Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly is Dreamin', a collaborative effort between Amp Fiddler with Raphael Saadiq of Tone Toni Tony/Lucy Pearl fame. UK urban/R&B producer Blacksmith has been commissioned to produce a couple of remixes. Radio version Dreamin' is an exercise in rubbery funk with a bouncy bass line courtesy of Amp's brother Bubs and a funk fuelled keyboard hook by Raphael Saadiq. Amp Fiddler provides a smooth, swooning vocal approach that fits the rhythm like a glove. A highly catchy melody will leave this one stuck in your head for ages. Blacksmith R&B rub The first Blacksmith remix involves an urban flavoured synth hook and Jamaican flavoured rhythm (using plenty of percussion) with occasional shoutouts in the background courtesy of MC Jahzell, who in turn provides a rap verse in the middle. Blacksmith dub rub The second Blacksmith remix gives the tune plenty of shake and shuffle with plenty of percussive elements, with shout outs carried out this time by MC Wizdom.