Cream Classics

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  • Yes, it's another compilation that fondly recalls what could be referred to as the 'old school'. But this isn't just any collection, it's three CDs of the kind of tune that made Cream such an essential part of UK clubbing in the 1990s. And although the mixing is heavily contrived at times in order to cram fifty tracks together, who cares when the tunes are as good, and as feel good, as this? The first mix reminds us how instrumental K-Klass were in the 90s, with their own nocturnal 'Rhythm Is A Mystery' joined by excellent piano led remixes of Joe Roberts and Bobby Brown. With Incognito, De'Lacy and Degrees Of Motion it's a handbag lover's dream. CD2 goes for more of the same with Robin S, The Original and Happy Clappers - all huge commercial hits. However the strongest tunes here were born a bit further underground - Heller & Farley's 'Ultra Flava', Gat Decor's 'Passion' and the mighty 'You Don't Know Me' from Armand Van Helden - still an outstanding club cut that wipes the floor with most of the competition. Ready for more? The third instalment brings together M People's best ('How Can I Love You More?'), Pete Heller, Moloko, Layo & Bushwacka! and a welcome reminder of another handbag classic, Loveland's 'Let The Music Lift You Up'. The closing section crowns the whole lot, the best bit of 'mixing' taking Rollo's epic OT Quartet mix into Atlantic Ocean's 'Waterfall'. And you have to admit, for the price of one CD it's a lot of highs and a hugely enjoyable sequence, even if we have heard them all many times before.