Trancemaster - Neptune's Orb

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  • Transatlantic released three 12-inches last year, and it's as if they were all made for a single DJ set. They hover at intense tempos (somewhere between 135 and 150 BPM), with a retro flex that feels more genuine than most nostalgic rave tracks. The first release, from the Dutch producer Nthng, blended sentimental trance and dub techno, while the second, Europa's Facegrinder EP, conjured crunchy acid lines and electro breaks. Trancemaster's self-titled EP, as the title might suggest, channels the big-room euphoria of '90s trance and progressive house, evened out with a dash of Detroit techno. On "Neptune's Orb" Trancemaster has the guts to lead with a three-minute build-up before the kick drum hits. It's easy to imagine the warehouse rafters rattling to the rhythm of its melodic bassline, and while you shouldn't rinse it too early in the night, it's bound to have a big effect as a peak-time bomb. "Nord-Spedition" is subtler, with a patient 15-minute arc and a warm kick drum that thumps gently instead of knocking you in the face. "Trance Xode" would fit right in alongside early Plastikman, with its automaton bassline and 909 banging at 142 BPM. Trancemaster rounds off the record with a hauntingly beautiful ambient number that recalls some of the synth work in Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for Blade Runner 2049. It will come in handy if you're looking for something dramatic to begin a DJ set.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Neptune's Orb A2 Trance Xode B1 Theme (3000) B2 Nord-Spedition