Terrence Dixon ‎- No More Time

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  • With just a few elements, Terrence Dixon makes some of the most musical minimal techno out there. It's also some of the trippiest. His tracks are never straightforward, burrowing into your brain with abstract bleeps, morphing basslines and intricate drum patterns, and dazzling with delicacy rather than force. This approach makes for powerful dance floor moments, such as those his latest EP, No More Time, has offered since its December release. Its four untitled tracks are impressively varied, ranging from tribal to alien jazz, anchored to blunt kick drums that sit deep in the mix. The tracks are mostly without DJ-friendly intros and outros, which adds to their otherworldly charm. By techno's modern standards, these tracks feel unconventional. They don't build up or down, feeling more like snippets of studio sessions than fully fleshed ideas. That doesn't make them less effective, but it means DJs will need to be smart to get the most out of them. Take the best track here, the B2. Euphoric yet utterly mind-bending, it starts abruptly, looping a cosmic bell synth and a syncopated clap pattern. It features the EP's only notable breakdown, a respite from the track's psychedelic churn. The other dance tracks—A2, A3, B1—are even more abstract, mixing gentle rhythms with hissing, jazzy melodies. Few producers appeal to the feet and mind like Terrence Dixon.
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      A1 Untitled A2 Untitled A3 Untitled B1 Untitled B2 Untitled