Cassy & Demuir - Please Me (Fred P Reshape Project)

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  • In the run-up to the November launch of Cassy's new label, Kwench Records, a press release outlined its manifesto: "Two or more artists will collaborate on an EP of original material, with a further artist joining the package on remix duty." It didn't take long for things to move off-script—the debut 12-inch, Cassy & Demuir's Please Me, didn't include any remixes. Instead, the label announced Please Me (Fred P Reshape Project), a separate EP that was given its own release after Cassy couldn't choose between the New Yorker's submissions. Listening to the three tracks, it was a smart move. Cassy's decision was possibly made harder (or easier?) by how varied the remixes are. That said, though they barely resemble the jacking electroid original, all three could work in the club, albeit at different points of the night. The "Journey Mix," the longest and best cut, is for early mornings and weary legs, its earthy percussion, silky synths and languid, winding groove urging you to plant your feet and gently sway. Tighter and with a snapping pulse, the "Fixation Mix" is more direct, the kind of track Fred P might use to bridge the gap between dreamier fare and a low-slung '90s gem. The "Broken Vibes Mix," a lopsided roller punctuated by what sounds like stars cascading from the sky, makes canny use of Cassy's vocals, dicing and splicing them for added feeling. Its serene vibe feels suited to an early evening warm-up slot, though as Cassy's recent XLR8R podcast showed, in the right hands it can also make for a classy final tune.
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      A1 Please Me (Fred P Journey Mix) B1 Please Me (Fred P Fixation Mix) B2 Please Me (Fred P Broken Vibes Mix)