Talker - Battle Standards Remixes

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  • Brian Kolada once called Karl Meier's credentials "impeccable," a claim easily supported by the tracklist of Battle Standards Remixes, the third record on his label with Johnathan Krohn, Standards & Practices. To rework their recent EP as Talker, Meier and Krohn called in an impressive cast of artists—namely Surgeon, Broken English Club and Regis, with whom they have a particularly close history (Talker has released music on Downwards, and Meier once spent a year in the UK working at Regis's distribution company, Integrale Muzique). The result is a dynamic EP that shows some of techno's most influential artists in fine form. Talker's "Battle Standard" is a rumbling bit of industrial techno with just the right balance of grit and atmosphere. Surgeon's remix is more ruthless, trading the original's cavernous atmosphere for a denser, noisier mix. Regis, ever the groove architect, reshapes the track into something nimble and almost breaky, building a fearsome momentum behind its leaden kick. Oliver Ho reimagines the stuttering rhythm of "Snub Nose" as a post-punk beat, then completes the picture with a distorted bass guitar, wailing feedback and Alan Vega-style vocals—a well-executed curveball. Also included is "My Favorite Color Is Gold," a sinister abyss of ambient noise that originally appeared on the 2015 Downwards compilation The Immortal Eye. Be it the founders or their friends, Standards & Practices have some extraordinary talents at their disposal.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Battle Standard (Surgeon Remix) A2 My Favorite Color Is Gold B1 Snub Nose (Broken English Club Remix) B2 Battle Standard (Regis Remix)