DJ Nnamreg - 612

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  • Vera and Alexandra's Melliflow label has become a hub for hypnotic minimal techno and electro over the past two years. Its output is balanced between formative records from newer producers, such as And.rea, and music from more prolific artists, like Spacetravel. To close out 2017, Melliflow has an EP from DJ Nnamreg. The name might not seem familiar, but it's actually Binh's first name reversed, which makes this his first solo music released under a different alias. Binh has a skill for injecting freakiness into a frame of air-tight percussion. "Probably Too Far" follows a similar pattern to the creepy synth grooves that slithered through "Booari" on 2016's Ship Of Imagination double-pack. The other two tracks explore Binh's sound with tools he utilises less often. A pumping kick drum sets the scene for "Still On"'s uplifting 303 pulses. It builds into an acid techno roller, creating a less eerie and tense atmosphere than Binh usually channels. "612" delves into darker reaches, with a thick, sinister 303. As it drags you into a minimal acid wormhole, hi-hats gently tick, further easing you in.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Probably Too Far A2 Still On B1 612