Oscar Mulero ‎- Contents Pattern Series 4 Remixes Part II

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  • For the last few years of his long career, the Spanish producer Oscar Mulero's Pattern Series has showcased what's been called "abstract pieces of modern techno." The last of these EPs, last year's Colours, has been reworked in a two-part remix package to commemorate 50 releases on Mulero's label, Warm Up. A remix of "Texture" by Shlømo, slightly sped up from the original, leads Part II. The thundering percussion doesn't let up, with a haze of atmospherics and the odd distant whirr making the remix more urgent. The ever-consistent Donato Dozzy brings a tinge of acid to his hypnotic remix of "Colour," as droning synths fade back and forth. These tracks are functional and energetic, but it's the mind-melting Chevel remix of "Form" that really surprises. Twisting and turning through haze and noise, its unpredictability is addictive, with only trickles of a kick drum until its sublime conclusion. Capping off a four-minute track, it's a shame those final moments end so abruptly.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Texture (Shlømo Remix) B1 Color (Donato Dozzy Remix) B2 Form (Chevel Remix)