Stenny - Old Bad Habits

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  • There's something about Ilian Tape's style of techno that just works. Artists on the Munich label know how to make techno that goes beyond functionality, which has something to do with the blend of melody, broken beats and robust mixdowns. Stenny is one of Ilian Tape's top artists in this regard, and turns towards a rawer techno sound on his latest EP. It retains the attention to detail that marks his best work. "3KK-CB SAT" is the best track. It lunges through each bar, as Stenny piles on layers of percussion and works in snatches of breaks. The other head-turner is "Corrupt 506" with its thrusting bassline and white-hot snares. "Fortress," while less novel, is straight-ahead techno with a pillowy breakdown. Every element fulfils its potential, the track as sturdy as, well, a fortress. Pulling in ideas new and old, it's these kinds of deft moves that make Old Bad Habits an exemplary Ilian Tape release.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Fortress B1 3KK-CB SAT B2 Corrupt 506