Parris - 2 Vultures

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  • Parris was born and raised in London and now lives between there and Bristol. He was once affiliated with Tempa, the pioneering dubstep label where he worked and with whom he released his first EP, a collaboration with Wen. But his sound feels more like dub than a stepper's stomp. 2 Vultures subtly explores the interplay between two moods, where underlying tension is magnified by a sense of calm restraint. It's in "Hot-Blooded"'s insistent rhythm and low-pitched siren drone, and bubbles in the elastic bassline and sparse percussion of "Lionel's Dub." Gentleness is foregrounded in the soft keys and tumbling melody of the title track—a collaboration with O$VMV$M—and the lazy organic groove of "Hanging With The Birds." Parris uses sounds—bird calls, running water, a video game bleep—that could be clichés, but in his hands they feel refreshing. He also has a knack for structure, his music feeling carefully constructed yet unhurried, like Actress at his best.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Lionel's Dub A2 Hot-Blooded B1 2 Vultures feat. O$VMV$M B2 Hanging With The Birds