Sasha & Alan Fitzpatrick - El Jefe

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  • Sasha and Alan Fitzpatrick might be a headline-grabbing partnership, but does it work? Both artists approach big-room techno and tech house from contrasting perspectives: Sasha's music is soppy and dreamy, where Fitzpatrick's is brawny and straightforward. On El Jefe, their first release together, they negotiate a smart middle ground, presenting two stomping cuts that stir the emotions without going overboard. El Jefe features two versions of the title track. "Version 1," noisier and more epic, has Sasha's fingerprints all over it, with a wrist-snapping groove charging beneath a blanket of synths that swells and recedes like the tide. The 60-second breakdown, complete with choral wails, should ruffle arena-sized floors. "Version 2," with its giant rave stabs, distant cries and nifty percussion, carries several hallmarks of Fitzpatrick's clean and boisterous style, though the real praise should go to whoever composed the gleaming melody that bursts into life around the midway mark—it's the best thing about the EP.
  • Tracklist
      01. El Jefe (Version 1) 02. El Jefe (Version 2)