Enjoy mixed by Bob Sinclar

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  • You might think a mix album consisting of mostly one man's records might be stretching his credibility a bit, but not with Bob Sinclar. This mix is a chance to listen to his many takes on house music, and above all to have a mighty fine party soundtrack. Some of the tracks will already be familiar but it's a tribute to Sinclar that they don't sound too weary. Take 'I Feel For You', in 'Feel 4 Disco' guise, or 'The Beat Goes On', 'Save Our Soul' and 'The Ghetto' - all big club tunes, and all blending in well here. The best moments, however, are those where Sinclar lets his Africanism work take over - the evocative 'Slave Nation', with a remarkable flute sound, is a great track. African flavours abound in the final few guest artist numbers, from Salome de Bahia (a riotous 'Taj Mahal'), Antoine Clamaran and Dr Kucho. To give Junior Jack a run for his money there's 'You Could Be My Lover', the sort of tune handbags were invented for! You'll have gathered then that Bob Sinclar's 'Enjoy' will make you do just that, and as a night out it's pretty damned hard to beat.