Loom - London Ambient

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  • Don't let the title fool you: London Ambient is no chill-out record. The title could just as easily be a reference to the background noise of London's club music scene, an ever-mutating blend of techno, house, bass music and grime. Daniel Timms is associated with an abstract grime sound linked to producers like Strict Face or Iglew. He's been spending more time in that scene, launching a party called Acid Fantasy with Akito and TSVI & Wallwork. His third record for Gobstopper centres around "Saturday Job At Laser Quest." It's built on a broken beat that sounds old, but the globby bassline is pure UK 2017. Wilfully obnoxious and all the better for it, it's among the more memorable bangers to come out of UK club music this autumn. Timms chases other muses on the rest of London Ambient. He touches on stomping house on "Aacccid" and raw techno on "Dog In The Fight," both straightforward tunes that get their message across with shoulder-checking drum fills and basslines. That leaves the brooding "Heavy Glow" and the feel-good "Forever," semi-ambient tunes with gorgeous flickers of melody. London Ambient is Timms' most varied EP yet, showing that he's been soaking up more than instrumental grime.
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      01. Heavy Glow 02. Aacccid 03. Dog In The Fight 04. Saturday Job At Laser Quest 05. Forever