The Bug - Bad / Get Out The Way

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  • It's been ten years since Flowdan, Killa P and The Bug made grimy dancehall history. Originally released on Hyperdub in 2007, "Skeng" slayed soundsystems back then, and it still does today. Bad / Get Out The Way is no "Skeng," but it comes close. It follows up last year's collaboration with D Double E and Riko Dan with even more dread, but it doesn't quite live up to the oddball "Box" or the catchy "Iceman." There's a loaded minimalism to Flowdan's flow. Along with his distinctive patois, it resonates with The Bug's sparse, swaggering productions. "Bad" isn't their finest collaboration, though. If anything it's too bare-boned from The Bug and not as forceful from Flowdan (compared with, say, "Dirty" from Angels & Devils). "Get Out The Way" has more fight to it, featuring Killa P and Irah spitting bullets over a chest-baring instrumental that's strewn with shrapnel. It's one of the best war dubs you'll hear all year.
  • Tracklist
      01. Bad feat. Flowdan 02. Bad Riddim 03. Get Out The Way feat. Killa P & Irah 04. Get Riddim