Low End Activist - Park End feat. Trim

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  • 2017 has been a busy year for Frits Wentink and his Bobby Donny label, which has hosted releases from Scissorwork, Felix Leifur from Dirt Crew, plus batches of Wentink's own lo-fi hip-hop edits. The seventh EP in the "wrong house" series sidesteps into UK garage through anonymous newcomer Low End Activist and Australia's Cassius Select, whose screwy drums are some of the most distinctive around. The tracks are capped off by lyrics from the former Roll Deep member Trim. Trim is as cocky, witty and embittered as ever. His razored delivery is whetted by Low End Activist's sharp hi-hats and crisp drums in the original 2-step version of "Park End." He sounds even tougher on Cassius Select's lurching, bass-heavy remix, showcasing a threatening side never before seen on Bobby Donny—it's good. Frits Wentink lightens the mood with his signature twiddly piano chords, but trap hi-hats and heavy kicks give his rework a mean streak beneath its sunny demeanour. This might be the best Bobby Donny record yet.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Park End A2 Park End (Cassius Select Remix) B1 Park End (Frits Wentink Remix)