LSD - Process

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  • Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and Dave Sumner (AKA Function) came up with the idea of collaborating during a release party for the latter's Berghain 07 mix. The LSD project was originally planned as a one-off performance at Berghain, but it went so well that they decided to take their approach—where each member tweaks a different element of the track—to wax. Process, one of Ostgut Ton's toughest records, is their first release. "Process 1" packs so much energy into five minutes that it feels like it might explode at any minute. It's the best example of the group's hands-on approach, with boisterous synths that rise and recede around the pounding kick drum. Luke Slater's influence dominates "Process 2," which is exuberant in a different way. His instantly recognizable FM synths feel like a vice grip around your head, an inversion of the outward thrust of "Process 1." The third track is a more restrained 11-minute jam. Only the spaced-out breakdown makes an impression, but this is still rock-solid techno.
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      A1 Process 1 A2 Process 2 B1 Process 3